Cycle timer fog system

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  1. Nozzle Material: Brass 

  2. Orifice:0.2mm

  3. Connection Type: Quick Slip Lock, Thread type

  4. Tube size: 6mm

  5. Working Pressue: 7.5bar 

  6. Droplet size: 15-25 Micron


Fog cooling Systems use 7.5 bar pressure and fine mist nozzle orifices in 0.2mm to produce 15-25 micron droplets that humidify the environment and suppress dust and diesel exhaust in a confined area.

This equipment is not only applicable to the roof, garden, and corridor for temperature drop and landscaping, but also is the best option for humidifying and cooling in restaurant, growing and greenhouse.


One set includes,

* Water pump-1pc 

*AC adaptor-1pc 

*Mist nozzle-28pcs 

*Quick connector-28pcs 


*Inlet hose-1 meter 

*Micro tube-30meter 

*Cycle timer-60 seconds ON+20 seconds OFF


PUMP Technical parameters
*Voltage: DC12V
*Power: 45W
*Pump pressure: 7.5bar
*Pump flow: 4L/min


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